Covid-19 disrupted materials flow from suppliers to customers as the end product users. In supply side, the disruption has decreased the production capacity as well as the demand for many products. In early 2022, the conditions due the pandemic have been better but cautions and awareness should be increased for the rise of new virus variant known as Omicron. This pandemic has increased the important of manufacturing and supply chain resiliencies. Hence, APCOMS-IMEC 2022 conference takes a topic of “Post Pandemic Recovery: Industrial Engineering Perspective”. APCOMS-IMEC 2022 is held as the forum to share the most recent research in the area of manufacturing systems and mechanical engineering. The conference also becomes the right place to disseminate the research to gather wide recognitions. Firstly held as the joint conference in 2015, this fourth joint conference will take place in Surakarta. The city which has another name “Solo” has been recognized for centuries as the heart of Java by its noble culture. Universitas Sebelas Maret as the host of this conference warmly welcomes all the participants to enjoy Solo with all its beauty, culture, dan culinary.


All accepted and presented papers will be forwarded for consideration to be published in the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (Springer Nature)

*Selected paper will be published to :

  • International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering (SCOPUS Q3)
  • Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (SCOPUS Q3)

Keynote Speaker

Date & Location

October 27, 2022 at Ki Hajar Dewantara Building, Surakarta, Indonesia.

Scope & Topics

Manufacturing System

  • Product Design and Development (Design for manufacturability and assembly etc.)
  • Production Planning and Control Systems
  • Design of Manufacturing Systems (Facilities Planning and Management, Lean Manufacturing etc.)
  • Quality Engineering and Management
  • Reliability and Maintenance
  • Green and Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Inventory System
  • Production Networks
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Management
  • Technology Management
  • System Modeling, Optimization & Simulation
  • Future Trends in Manufacturing System


  • Smart Materials
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Advanced Materials
  • Composites
  • Nano Materials
  • Non-Ferrous Alloys
  • Light Metals
  • Ferrous Materials
  • Thin Films
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • Functionally Graded Materials
  • Bio Materials

Manufacturing Process

  • Solidification Processing
  • Semi-solid Processing
  • Metal Forming      
  • Polymer Processing
  • Composites Processing
  • Powder Metallurgy          
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Conventional and Advanced Machining
  • Tool and Die Design
  • Welding and Joining
  • Laser Processing       
  • Surface Modification and Finishing
  • Semiconductor Processing

Manufacturing Automation

  • Flexible Manufacturing System
  • Robotics & Robot Application
  • Industrial & Robotics Vision
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Factory Communications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Microcontrollers/PLC’s
  • Sensing and Control Systems
  • Intelligent Sensors and Actuators
  • Multi-sensor Fusion
  • Micro/nano Technology
  • Industrial Antennas and Electromagnetic Devices
  • MEMS and System Integration


September 15

Full Paper Submission

Please prepare your Full Paper as guided in our submission system. All Full Paper should be submitted through the provided conference management system.
September 24

Notification Acceptance Full Paper

We will send you a notification of your full paper acceptance. The acceptance is based on the comments and suggestions of the peer-review result. By considering the replies from the reviewer, we estimate that we will finish to send out all notification on the last week of September.

October 27

Conference Program

We will provide and get the program ready to this date. Please make sure you check your presentation schedule so it may suit your traveling agenda.

October 28

Closing Conference

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